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AVIC Manufacturing Institute: Five-axis single-spindle CNC milling machine


Recently, with the rotation of the A/B pendulum five-axis single-spindle CNC gantry milling head, the S specimen was qualified and cut out, and the AVIC Institute's research and development site boiled. Successfully designed and developed China's first A/B oscillating angle five-axis single-spindle CNC gantry milling machine, and the development personnel feel over 50 days to work overtime to perform precision debugging and compensation.

This A/B oscillating angle five-axis single-spindle CNC gantry milling machine with completely independent intellectual property rights is equipped with a programming method that uses the tool point as the rotation center, successfully implements the application of the RTCP function, and can automatically perform the five-axis machining tool length. Compensation, thereby improving the adaptability of the machining program to different tools and machine tools, greatly simplifies the programming of multi-coordinated linkage and improves the machining efficiency and machining accuracy of the machine tool. The machine tool is accepted according to the internationally accepted VDI/DGQ3441 standard. The precision of the machine tool, NAS test piece, cone and S test piece fully comply with the acceptance criteria, especially the RTCP precision is up to 0.04mm, which is much higher than the 0.08mm required by the machine technology agreement. index of. The machine is also equipped with a number of advanced features: network integration, non-contact laser tool measurement, workpiece measurement, automatic tool exchange, ARTIS system functions for monitoring the spindle and tool status. The machine tool adopts a full-closed-loop control design, which not only improves the accuracy of the control, but also breaks through a number of technical difficulties. The accuracy and function of the five-axis single-spindle CNC gantry milling machine have reached the international advanced level.

The A/B oscillating angle five-axis single-spindle CNC gantry milling machine has successfully passed the pre-acceptance of the customer's AVIC Chengfei. According to the person in charge, this equipment is applicable to aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, high-strength alloy steels and other materials, and can provide important equipment and technical support for the development and production of various complex-profile large-scale structural parts. One of the key equipment for aircraft structural parts. The successful development of the equipment provides the basic equipment and application conditions for the demonstration application of the topic of “the demonstration application of domestic high-end CNC machine tools in the processing of typical aircraft structural parts” in major science and technology projects of “high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment”. .

CNC milling machining is a CNC machine tool trajectory by means of computer controlled machine, using high speed rotating cutting tool if you want to shape the material. With the size of products have become increasingly demanding, machining from the original two gradually changed to 3 axis machining, 4 axis machining, 5 axis machining center, precision can reach 0.001mm. us the maximum machine processing size: 500mm * 1000mm *600mm, 800kg machine under the maximum weight of workpiece, Machine tool spindle speed 20000RPM to ensure that the surface of the workpiece is smooth and clean.we often processed material of aluminum,steel, copper, stainless steel, titanium, POM, Teflon and so on. At the completion of high quality, high dimensional accuracy of CNC milling machining parts process, we will divided into rough machining and processing method fine to get the best effect, the margin size coarse and finish machining is 0.5 * 1mm. after processing some of the products after surface treatment such as plating polishing surface passivation.Sand (powder), anodic treatment (aluminum common CNC anodized black red blue anode, anode, anode). CNC milling machining is widely used in aviation, automotive, communications, medical equipment, electrical appliances, drone.

In addition to,we also provide high precision machining and precision machined parts,supply  custom machining services and cnc machining services for small batch.

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